Sports Gambling In Texas

Texas State FlagTexas is one of the most popular sports gambling states in the US mostly due to it’s sheer size and population. But Texas is also home to some of the most beloved sports teams in America such as the Dallas Cowboys or the Longhorns. And the idea of grilling out on the weekends, eating some great TX BBQ and sweating the games all while snipping on a cold one is somewhat of a tradition in America.

But is sports gambling even legal in Texas? We explain what the gambling laws in the Lone Star State mean for players looking to bet on sports and we do it in an easy to understand format so there is no confusion.  We also recommend legitimate online sportsbooks that are legally licensed to accept wagers from Texas players.

Is Online Sports Gambling Legal In Texas?

Players will be happy to know that there are actually no state laws that make it illegal to bet on sports in Texas. There are also no federal laws that ban the act of online sports betting in the United States. The laws actually speak more about offering sports betting as a business such as what a local bookie shop does. But it doesn’t make the actual act of placing a bet illegal, just accepting the bet from within the U.S.

Most Reputable Texas Online Sportsbooks

The following is a list of the most trusted online sportsbooks that accept Texas players.  There are dozens more, but we choose to recommend only the largest and most reputable sites that we know are trustworthy and pay out player winnings fast.

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Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 5 Star Rating USA Friendly Visit Site

Gambling Laws To Consider


Paspa also known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was passed in 1992 and effectively bans sports wagering in all but 4 states. But to be clear, this makes it illegal for anyone to accept sports bets in the remaining US states. For example even the casinos in New Jersey are not allowed to legally offer sports betting in the state. But Paspa does not make it illegal to place bets at websites such as those offshore sportsbooks we recommend here in our guide. As long as the site is located outside of the United States, they are basically not subject to US law and can legally offer their services to American players due to free trade.


The UIGEA stands for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and actually doesn’t have anything to do with players making bets. What intent of this law actually makes it illegal for any banks to process transactions that relate to online gambling. There is actually a lot of misinformation online regarding this law, but it doesn’t make online gambling or sports wagering illegal in any way.

Federal Wire Act

The Federal Wire Act was passed in 1961 and was originally referred to as the Interstate Wire Act. President Kennedy passed this law to curtail organized crime outfits from accepting wagers over the phone or via wire transmission. In 2011, the DOJ actually reversed their position on the wire act stating that it only applies to sports gambling which leaves the door open for US states to determine their own destiny for whether or not they want to offer legalized gambling in their state.

So to summarize, all of these federal laws make it illegal US based companies to accept bets or transactions from within the United States borders, but none of the laws have any language that specifically makes the act of online sports gambling illegal in Texas or any other state.

Does TX Plan To Legalize Online Sports Betting In The Near Future

It’s hard to say. Due to Paspa, sports betting is actually legal in only a few states such as Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Delaware. So until that law gets repealed, the legal conversation can’t even begin for states such as Texas and only the 4 mentioned above will remain exempt from Paspa.

Popular Sports Teams To Bet On In Texas

As they say in TX, go big or go home. Texas is home to some of the biggest sports franchises in America including the Dallas Cowboys with exciting Ezekiel Elliot , the Dallas Mavericks, the Rangers, Houston Astros, the Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs just to name a few. And that’s just on the professional side of sports. Texas is also home to some of the biggest and most popular college sports teams such as the Longhorns, Baylor, TCU and the up and coming Houston Cougars.

List Of The Most Popular Professional And College Teams To Bet On In Texas

NFL Football Teams In TX

Dallas Cowboys

Houston Texans

NBA Basketball Teams In TX

San Antonio Spurs

Houston Rockets

Dallas Mavericks

MLB Baseball Teams In TX

Houston Astros

Texas Rangers

Popular Colleges In TX

Texas Longhorns

Texas A&M

Houston Cougars

Baylor Bears


FAQ’s About Betting On Sports

What Is The Best Way To Deposit Funds Into Offshore Sports Betting Sites?

Most of the sites we recommend offer credit card deposits, money transfers such as Western Union or Moneygram, and also Bitcoin. Bitcoin seems to be the go-to method of payment nowadays since it facilitates both depositing and collecting payouts. Most sites that offer bitcoin offer instant deposits and same day payouts.

How Do I Receive My Winnings?

Because we only promote reputable TX sports betting sites, all of them pay out winners by offering a variety of withdrawal options to players.  Checks are still the most popular method and are delivered 7-10 days by mail and overnight via Express Courier.  In addition players can choose to collect winnings via money transfers, bank wires and now the popular Bitcoin crypto-currency.  Bitcoin is a rising star in the online gambling industry and really streamlines both depositing and collecting funds.  And there are many services such as coinbase that allows the sell of bitcoins and the transfer of the funds back to your bank account. Or you can signup with a service like Bitpay and get a debit card which ultimately allows you to turn your bitcoin payouts into cash instantly.

Are Offshore Betting Sites Safe?

Yes they are very safe. We only recommend sportsbooks that have been in the industry for over 10 years and have a proven track record for being fair and honest with players. So you can feel confident that any site you see listed on is reputable and pays out players accordingly. They also implement the most secure technology to keep players sensitive information private and safe. You have to remember that these offshore sportsbooks have very deep pockets. Some take over a billion per year in wagers. So trust me they go out of their way to ensure that the most secure and advanced technology is used to keep players safe.

Has Any Player From Texas Ever Been Arrested For Gambling On Sports?

Not that we know of. There may have been some local bookies arrested for accepting bets, but because there is nothing illegal about the act of betting on sports, no player has ever been in trouble with the law in this regard.

Do These Sites Offer Any Perks Or Bonuses?

Yes. As a matter of fact many of the high rollers that live in Vegas choose to bet with the offshore sites because of the inherent benefits offered. Every single sportsbook we list offers some fantastic bonuses and loyalty programs to reward players. These are perks that Vegas doesn’t offer and makes it very attractive for high rollers.

What About Paying Taxes On Winnings?

You are required to pay taxes on all gambling winnings regardless of where they came from. We highly recommend paying your taxes accordingly. Be happy that you are one of a very small percentage of sports gamblers who can actually win.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone?

Yes, all of the texas sports gambling sites we recommend are mobile friendly. So whether you are on your laptop or your smartphone mobile device, you have a robust platform available to bet on the go if you choose.  So if you have tickets to the Dallas game on Sunday, you can still attend the game and gamble.

Are There Any Sports Teams In Texas That Have A Shot At Winning A National Title In 2016/2017?

Yes.  The Dallas Cowboys have made the NFL playoffs this year and have a decent shot at going all the way with Prescot and Elliot playing well.  I think they have an edge because they do such a great job of holding onto the ball and keeping it out of the hands of the opposing team with long sustained drives. Right now their odds are +450 to win the Super Bowl.  And we will update this page accordingly as the big game gets closer and teams are eliminated.  Go Cowboys!!!